There is always more to learn…

by gibberalic

Melbourne fog

Melbourne in the early morning fog. Photo by doublebug

I’m currently sitting in the computer lab at the Uni of Victoria. It’s a grey day. The locals are complaining of the cold. It seems warm to me.

I’m at the Australian Medical Writer’s Association conference, it’s great. I’m learning a lot. There is a workshop on blogging. I thought it would be interesting. I signed up. The content is perhaps a little more basic than I expected. But the presenter, Renee Barnes, is amazing. She’s bubbly, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable.

And I have to give her credit, she is got a bit of an uphill job in the workshop. The level of knowledge is, to put it lightly, disparate. There are people who have forgotten the password for their blog, people who have forgotten their URL! One of the participants just put her hand up and asked how to use a link. I’m not entirely sure how a person can get to this point, let alone be a professional writer, and not understand a hyperlink.

But Renee is doing a great job of keeping everyone ready and at the same point and level. She seems… long suffering.

And to be fair, everyone is doing a great job. The internet can be a scary place and no one seems to have lost their way too badly. Though there was a comment about someone getting confused and naming their site something very similar to a porn site. We didn’t get the full story, but it seems like a good mistake to make.

People seem excited by the workshop as well. It’s good to see people getting really involved and interested in the topic, particularly the couple of bloggers who are being publicly scrutinised. I love it.

I’ll keep you updated.